How to exchange a boat or an holiday on boat




Fill out the membership card in all its fields. A card with photos and short text facilitates the exchange. Describe your boat and make the navigation site special, let other shipowners know how to transact with you.



Check out the boats registered in the places you love and use the internal messaging system to contact the shipowners.
Check the requests you sent and when you decide, define the exchange details with the shipowner.



Make the exchange you like the most ! Choose where and with whom you would like to exchange your boat. Exchange your boat or boat holiday and sail into the sea of your dreams!




Are you an owner? Subscribe now!

Enter the required data
It is easy to present yourself, your boat and the sailing sites to the other owners

Add your photos
Photos of your boat, of sailing sites, of harbour, of yourself and possibly of your beloved, this make your profile more reliable and makes the exchange easier

Search for the exchange that you prefer the most!
Click on the map or on “search” on the homepage and a lot of opportunities will appear to you

Submit a lot of proposals!
Select the ones that you like and submit your exchange proposal through our internal message tool. Answer to all the proposals that you’ll get

Define the exchange
We recommend you to try to know as much as possible about your partner: exchange your contact details and email address. Define dates and details. Subscribe the Exchange Agreement and Check List




We are a club of ship owners, allows you to know people around the world and build longlasting friendships. We share our passion for sea and sailing: in this sense we are already friends and believe in mutual trust.

Following these few boat trading rules - boat holiday exchange will be an opportunity and a fantastic experience

• Respect other ship owners as you would like to be respected by them
• Always answer the received proposals, a no is courtesy.
• Give feedback on each exchange. Write honestly, it will be very useful to us all.


Is Boat Exchange safe?


Boat Exchange is a club of ship owners who share the same passion for sea and sailing. A nautical club whose foundation is honesty, respect and common participation. Each of us helps to make our club safe by giving feedback and following few rules that allows boat exchange safe:

- Complete profiles that allows you to match the boat to a face
- Verify phone numbers and mail address of the owner with whom you want to exchange your boat on social media
- Read the feedback
- Privacy guaranteed, you are the only one that decides to share your personal information or not
- Customer service is available to you by phone or email
- Check owner’s data by agreeing a call or video call on Skype or Whatsapp
- Leave phone numbers for emergencies (trusted mechanic and whatever else you think useful) also leaves your number and the itinerary of your navigation.
- Tell the marina and your neighbours that the trusted boat owner will use the boat for the agreed period.
- It is possible to reject the exchange.

If you need more information from the person with whom you are trying to arrange the exchange, ask for it for a conscious choice. Check his identity as suggested in step 6. If his proposal does not inspire you, you can always kindly refuse. It's good to say no, but it's rude to not respond.

Have a good sail in the sea of your dreams!




Your boat profile is your business card. Some advice to make your business card effective:

Insert beautiful photos
Beautiful photos tempt the ship owners to make an exchange with you.

Describe your boat and navigation sites properly
Describe your boat clearly and include all the useful information. Highlight the benefits of your boat. Describe sailing sites and highlights those of particular interest. Give advice and insights on interesting places nearby the harbour.

Periodically refresh your boat profile
It is important that your information are constantly updated, especially the dates of exchange and navigation sites that we recommend to keep those information flexible, specifying it in the footnotes.

Be honest in your description and on the information that you provide, be precise and truthful. This is what you expect others will be.




Boat Exchange is an online sailing club where boat owners, boat holiday, experiences, information and opinions are exchanged. Its success depends on its members.

Behaviors to follow:

- Please reply as soon as possible to each message, preferably not later than 48 hours. If you are not interested answer no, but it is not respectful to leave people waiting for an answer.
- Write your message in a detailed way. Before submitting your proposal, consult the owner profile and card and personalize your message.
- Describe your boat and navigation sites honestly. Make sure that your partner actually finds what is described and remains satisfied with that.
- Find and leave the boat clean and in order! If you can’t or don’t want to do it personally, you can ask your partner for a trusted cleaning agency contact.
- Leave in the boat a letter to your trading partner with the indication of the most beautiful places to visit and any dangers of navigation in those places, restaurants where you can find local cuisine, in short all the information that can be useful, which facilitate the sailing and that will make the holiday unforgettable.
- Do not cancel the exchange! Cancel an agreed exchange creates big problems to your partner. From the moment you sign up and book your trip, you shall cancel it only due to force majeure causes. In any case, we ask you to help your partner and, if there is no way to change the date of the booked holiday, search for another accommodation.






It can be simultaneous (realized in the same period of time) or it can be done in two different time periods. The ship owners agree as they prefer.


It offers the option to be hosted on boat and to host your respective host on each other boats.
Some members prefer this exchange opportunity because they plan to sail with other people, make friends, make relationships, or simply because it allows their children to play with the host’s children.
It allows to sail in difficult environments/waters (i.e. Iceland) together with someone that really know that area.
Moreover, this option allows you to sail with a person (your sailing partner) that really knows the sailing areas and sites where he lives: this allows you to visit the most beautiful and hidden spots, to discover the best restaurants




Every boat can be exchanged! Any size or type.

The boat owners are the ones that decides if and how to make the exchange.




- Access to the boat owner’s profile using the map or the search function on the homepage.

- Write a message and send it through our internal message tools system

- In order to be able to send a message you must be an owner and be registered at

- If you’re not yet registered, sign up now!

- Your personal data will not be available to other users unless you do not consent them to see your data, in full privacy respect

- All your sent and received messages are in your in-box folder, where you can find and consult them at your convenience




    • The exchange agreement defines the details.

    • It is included in each message.

    • Once you have established the details of the exchange you can accept the offer. Your trading partner can accept your proposal or propose a change or propose an amendment to do it.

    • When both have accepted and confirmed the exchange proposal, you can not cancel it unless there are serious impediments

    • After the exchange, it is good to leave feedback on the partner profile (Guestbook). Your exchange report helps increase mutual trust and is useful to all members who want to make an exchange with your partner.

    • Publish (in the appropriate section) some photos of your trip





When you find a boat or destination you’re interested in through the map or through the filter research, you can contact the boat owner by accessing its profile and sending him a message. The boat owner will be notified with your message and replay as soon as possible – in return, you’ll be notified by an email and a boat exchange internal message on its answer DID YOU RECEIVE A NEW MESSAGE?
In order to enter the website, access it by using the link and login details you received in your email. Through YOUR ACCOUNT ? YOUR MESSAGE you’ll be able to see the received messages. Check the sender’s profile and answer to the message by choosing one of the following options:
Through YOUR ACCOUNT »YOUR MESSAGES will be able to view the received message.
Check out the sender's boat profile and respond with a message by selecting one of the following 3 options:
• I accept the exchange
• Yes, I'm interested. I send a message
• No thanks, I’m not interested for now.